The JOLT Program

A carefully sequenced, and fully immersive experience.

While there is no guaranteed formula for building a successful company, we make sure your entire JOLT experience — from the design of your workspace, tools we provide, skills we develop, connections we make to the culture we foster — is designed to greatly increase your odds of success.

We never stop testing and iterating our own creative process. We continue to seek new and innovative ways to give our founders a competitive advantage.

Come prepared to engage with ideas and fellow entrepreneurs, and know that at JOLT, the learning truly never stops.

Craftmanship in every detail

Building a startup takes hard work, perseverance, the best team and the right expertise. The journey is filled with twists and turns, retraced steps and false starts.

Our program is designed to keep you focused as you find your unique pathway to success. We help you apply the right skills to the challenges you'll face along the way, no matter which path you follow.

Program Highlights

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    JOLT Academy

    We don’t just focus on finessing your product and company-building dexterity. At JOLT, our founders have the opportunity to unplug and refine their skills in everything from ping-pong to cooking great meals.

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    Community Builders

    Toronto has a dynamic startup scene and we want it to keep growing. From industry events to grassroots-led community meetups, JOLT channels its entrepreneurial spirit in various spaces to help strengthen the startup community.

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